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Upload Photos
Order and Delivery Information
Using the photo organizer, step-by-step instructions
Prints, Products and Gifts
Create an Account
Mobile/Cell Phone and PDA Access
Account Management
Customer Service
Upload Digital Photos
Email Photos to Your Account
Upload Photos Using an In-Store Photo Center
Recommended Photo Resolution
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1 Hour and In-Store Order Pickup
Print and Product Prices
Returns and Refunds
Checking Order Status
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Uploading photos to your account from your computer
Uploading photos to your account from Facebook
Adding a caption to a photo
Adding a description to an album
Adding a photo to Favorites
Adding and viewing comments for an album
Adding tags to a photo
Deleting a single photo
Deleting an album
Copying and moving photos
Editing a face tag name with the photo organizer
Editing a photo
Editing an album date
Editing an album name
Editing photos in an album
Rotating photos with the photo organizer
Downloading high-resolution copies of your photos
Ordering photo gifts with the photo organizer
Ordering prints of your photos
Searching for photos
Selecting a single photo
Selecting multiple photos
Sharing albums, and photos
Sharing to social networks
Rearrange photos
Sorting photos in albums
Viewing a photo or album
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Photo Prints
Photo Books and Flip Books
Cards and Gift Tags
Photo Gifts and Projects
Photo Posters
Scrapbook Pages
Photo CDs
Photo Crystals
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Sign Up or Sign In to Your Account
System Requirements
Photo Center Copyright Policy
Photo Center Terms of Use
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Mobile Phone Access to Photo Center Services
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Manage Your Photo Center Account
Edit Your Photo Center Address Book
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Contact Customer Service
Photo Site Map
Top 10 Questions
1 How do I upload digital photos to my account?
2 What are the prices for prints and products?
3 How do I delete a photo or album?
4 How do I contact Photo Center Customer Service?
5 How do I use Quick Upload?
6 What do I need to know about ordering prints?
7 How do I share photos with my family and friends?
8 How do I check the status of my order?
9 Are certain photos not allowed at the Photo Center?
10 How do I e-mail photos to my account?

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